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Most Liked Solar installer in Brisbane

Over 158,000 panels installed in Queensland since 2008

2021 - Tier One Solar System Provider

100% Australian Owned

Call For Specials and Referral Program

25 year high performance warranty on Panels (Tier One, Australian designed Mono Perc technology)

15 year warranty on Radiant Racking (Highest Quality Australian made rails) 

10 year warranty on Inverters (World's number one inverter manufacturer)

Free Quote for Residential Solar in South East Qld

Complete Solar Power for Homes and Businesses

Solar Rental Packages for Businesses

Battery Solutions

Utility Scale Solar and Storage

Local Government Solar Packages 

Solar Clean and Service

Panel Bird Netting Service

Panel Removal/Reinstall for Reroofing or Painting Roof

We clean and service any solar panel system in South East Queensland.

We add extra panels, inverters or DC switches on all existing solar panel systems.

We undertake all warranty and insurance work for all solar manufacturers represented in Australia.

  Renting Solar / Tier 1 Solar Range and Installations

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